Gwen Barnes' Page

Gwen's pictures:

2015-12-21 Great Bob is 91

My Granddad turns 91 in Nokomis, Florida.

2015-11-26 Hawaii 2015

Thanksgiving in Waikoloa, Hawaii 2015.

2015-07-04 Glacier

Camping trip to Glacier National Park.

2014-12-25 Christmas 2014

Pictures from the Idaho Barnes and Gwen's brother Don's family at Christmas 2014.

2014-09-27 Whale Watching

Family trip to the San Juan Islands to see Orcas (Killer Whales).

2014-08-23 Back-to-School 2014

Kid pictures of Cassie, Tycho, and Hadley for back to school.

2014-08-03 Mt. Rainier

Vacation to Mt. Rainier National Park.

2014-06-23 Darwin

Our son Darwin Sirius Barnes is born.

2013-10-31 Halloween 2013

Luke, Leia, and an Ewok trick-or-treat on Halloween.

2013-05-25 Camping in Hells Canyon

Camping at Pittsburg Landing at the bottom of Hells Canyon.

2012-12-31 Belize

Visiting ruins, jungles, and beaches in Belize.

2012-11-22 Thanksgiving in St. Louis

Trip home to St. Louis, Missouri for Thanksgiving.

2012-05-18 Kid Pictures

Spring pictures of the kids.

2012-01-11 Hadley Astra Barnes

List of pictures from the first week of our new baby girl, Hadley Astra Barnes.

2011-10-31 Monkeysuits

Tycho and Cassie dress up like monkeys for halloween.

2011-10-28 World Series Game 7

Jason and Gwen at Game 7 of the 2011 World Series in St. Louis.

2011-08-10 Canadian Rockies

Jason, Gwen, Cassie, and Tycho go on a road trip to the Canadian Rockies national Parks, Kootenay, Banff, Jasper, and Yoho with the twins' grandparents Chet and Cheryl-Rae.

2011-05-17 Xander's PhD

The Idaho Barneses travel to Boston for Alexander's defense.

2011-04-23 2011 Easter Eggs

17-month-old Tycho and Cassie search for Easter eggs in the East City Park.

2011-04-13 Kauai

Trip to Kauai for a Titan Chemistry conference and some R&R.

2011-02-19 Babies in the Snow 2011

The babies play in the snow, and our husky dog Schamali passes away.

2010-12-25 2010 Christmas

The family celebrates Christmas 2010 in Idaho.

2010-11-25 Baja Thanksgiving

Barnes family vacation to Baja California for Thanksgiving.

2010-11-14 One Year Old Twins

Pictures from Cassie's and Tycho's first first birthday party, in Moscow, ID.

2010-10-14 Crater Peak

Idaho Barnes family adventure to Crater Peak in the St. Joe National Forest.

2010-07-23 Babies Month 6

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho at seven months old.

2010-05-23 Babies Month 6

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho at six months old.

2010-05-12 Summer Vacation to NM

Idaho Barnes vacation to New Mexico after the end of classes.

2010-04-23 Babies Month 5

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho at five months old.

2010-03-19 Spring Break in NM

Babies' first trip to New Mexico and Arizona over spring break.

2010-03-06 Driving Snake River

An adventure driving south along the Snake River to Chief Joseph NWRA.

2010-03-01 Babies Month 4

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's fourth month.

2010-02-01 Babies Month 3

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's third month.

2010-01-01 Babies 'til New Years

Gwen's baby pictures from birth until 2010.

2010-01-01 Babies Month 2

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's second month.

2009-12-25 Christmas 2009

The Barnes and Bart families celebrate Christmas with Cassie and Tycho in Moscow, Idaho.

2009-12-23 Babies Month 1

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's first month.

2009-12-16 Baby Movies

Some 3-week-old-baby movies.

2009-11-29 Babies First Week

Tycho and Cassie come home from the hospital..

2009-11-24 Babies Day 2-3

Pictures of the babies on their second day of life.

2009-11-23 Babies

Cassiopeia (Cassie) Brynn Barnes and Tycho Ethan Barnes are born.

2009-11-22 Belly Page

Pictures of Gwen's belly as Cassiopeia and Tycho grew inside.

2009-11-07 Fence

Building a fence in the yard at our house..

2009-09-08 Wall Completion

Don Bart comes to visit and helps to finish the retaining wall.

2009-08-17 Maui

Barnes family vacation to Maui, Hawaii.

2009-07-11 New Mexico 2009

Ranch adventure 2009 -- muddy roads, electricity, and blown hot water heaters.

2009-06-22 Mt. Margaret

Pictures from local hikes.

2009-06-11 Gwen's Ranch Adventure

Gwen hits the ranch while at an LRO targeting meeting in Phoenix to line up the electrical.

2009-06-07 Little Boulder Creek

A walk through the Clearwater National Forest's Potlatch River.

2009-05-23 Retaining Wall

Starting to build a retaining wall on the southeast corner of our yard..

2009-05-15 Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver for the American Physical Society NorthWest meeting.

2009-04-19 Quilt Show

Trip to the annual Quilt Show in Moscow..

2009-02-27 Coastal Run

Gwen visits friends in California and Maryland.

2009-01-03 Winter Wonderland

Gwen, Jason, and the dogs on a walk to the park in the Idaho snow.

2008-12-25 2008 Christmas in Idaho

Pictures of the IdaSnow on Christmas before we flew to California.

2008-12-12 2008 Snows

Our first snow in Idaho.

2008-11-27 2008 Thanksgiving

Nancy, Wayne, Alexander, Terra, Andy, and Brayden come to Idaho for Thanksgiving.

2008-08-11 Idahome

Gwen, Jason, and the dogs move into their new house in Moscow, Idaho.

2008-07-27 Crater Lake

Planetary field trip to Crater Lake, Oregon.

2008-06-20 Lasik

Gwen and Jason get their eyes lasered.

2008-06-09 2008 Ranch Trip

Gwen, Jason, Wayne, Xander, and Starbuck visit the New Mexico Ranch.

2008-05-23 Boston

Visit to Xander and Terra/Andy/Brayden in Boston for the IAU Transiting Planets Meeting.

2008-04-19 New House

Pictures that Gwen took of the inspection of our new home in Moscow, Idaho.

2008-04-12 Beach and Baseball

We visit the beach and the Giants game on a nice weekend.

2008-03-22 Agility Trial

Taun We competes in an agility match at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, CA.

2008-01-22 Madrone House

Pictures of our second house in Sunnyvale, CA.

2007-11-22 Thanksgiving 2007

Gwen's family visits Sunnyvale for Thanksgiving.

2007-11-03 Thad and Moira Wedding

Jason's cousins Thad and Moira's American-side wedding celebration.

2007-10-14 Walker Mine

Gwen visits her grandfather's childhood home in Walker Mine, CA.

2007-09-29 Bratwest

The one and only Bratwest, held at our house.

2007-09-17 Baby Brayden

Gwen and Jason visit their new nephew, Brayden, in Boston, MA.

2007-07-07 Hawaii and Lanai

Observing on Hawaii, and then vacationing on Lana'i.

2007-06-24 New Mexico Shed

Jason and Gwen spend a week in New Mexico building a storage shed.

2007-06-06 Owens Valley Field Trip

Jason, Gwen, Ross, Rachel, and Helen visit Owens Valley.

2007-05-19 Building Shed Frame

Chet Bart comes up to help Jason and Gwen build the framing for the New Mexico shed.

2007-05-12 Grandpa Barnes' Funeral

Memorial service for Jason's grandfather, Martin McRae Barnes.

2007-05-06 Noah's Wedding

Noah and Camille wed in upstate New York.

2007-03-31 St. Louisans at the Beach

Nancy and Wayne visit, and take a trip to a cold California beach.

2007-01-23 With Dogs at Beach

Jason and Gwen visit the beach with Genubi, Schamali, and Taun We near their new home in California.

2007-01-03 Moving to California

Our move to Sunnyvale, CA from Tucson, AZ.

2006-09-19 Ranchflowers and Dogjumps

Stopping by the NM Ranch on the field trip scouting mission, we find flowers everywhere! Also: Gwen makes agility dog jumps for the poodle.

2006-08-26 NM Expedition 10

Gwen and Jason fly themselves in a Cessna from Tucson to the Ranch to take aerial photos.

2006-08-26 NM Expedition 10

Gwen and Jason fly themselves in a Cessna from Tucson to the Ranch to take aerial photos.

2006-08-12 Terra and Andy's Wedding

A few pictures from my sister's wedding in St. Louis, MO.

2006-08-05 Chris and Corinne's Wedding

Chris Brooks and Corinne Gilliam wed in Dallas, TX.

2006-07-15 Ralph Lorenz and Zibi Turtle

Photos from the going-away-party for our friends Elizabeth Turtle and Ralph Lorenz.

2006-07-03 New Mexico Expedition 9

Digging the foundation for a storage shed in New Mexico.

2006-06-18 New Mexico Expedition 8

We finally get the well working in New Mexico!

2006-06-11 Arizona's Longitudinal Dunes

Visiting the only longitudinal dunefield in the western hemisphere, on the Navajo Reservation in northern AZ.

2006-05-31 Europe Choir Tour

Gwen and her Mom join Gwen's church choir on a trip to Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

2006-04-22 New Mexico Expedition 7

Trying to get the well working with transformers.

2006-04-15 Black Mountain Offroading

Exploring Black Mountain, north of Tucson, with 4WD vehicles.

2006-04-02 Death Valley 2

My second field trip to Death Valley with LPL.

2006-03-05 Indian Ruins

Exploring Arizona Indian ruins with Peter Stiles, our neighbor.

2006-03-02 Terry's Wedding

Terry Hurford and Brenda Aguirre wed in Tucson, AZ.

2006-02-26 New Mexico Expedition 6

Testing out Jason's new chainsaw from his father-in-law.

2005-12-25 Christmas 2005

Christmas in St. Louis, MO, 2005.

2005-12-05 New Mexico Expedition 5

A Winter trip to New Mexico, testing out the fire pit.

2005-11-13 Baja California Field Trip

Pictures from the 2004 LPL Baja California planetary science field trip that I designed and helped to lead.

2005-10-31 Expedition 4

New Mexico Expedition 4, with Gwen's parents Chet and Cheryl-Rae Bart.

2005-10-01 Bratfest 2005

Bratfest 2005 is held at the Barnes Residence.

2005-09-05 DPS 2005: Cambridge

Gwen and I attend the 2005 American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in Cambridge, UK.

2005-08-13 Barnes Ranch: Expedition 3

Gwen and I meet my Mom Nancy, Dad Wayne, and brother Xander at the Ranch.

2005-07-30 New Mexico Land: Expedition 2

Gwen, the three dogs, and I visit our land in New Mexico.

2005-06-25 Northern California

We visit LPL friends at NASA/AMES, go offroading near Lake Tahoe, and attend the annual Capay Farm Party.

2005-06-18 New Mexico Cabins

We help Gwen's advisor put the roof on his cabin, and buy 40 acres near Pie Town, NM.

2005-06-11 Catalinas Back Road

The inaugural Earth Rovers LPL 4-Wheeling event, climbing the back side of the Catalina Mountains.

2005-06-04 XTerra

We fly to Chicago to buy my new yellow Nissan XTerra.

2005-05-18 Star Wars Episode III

Seeing Star Wars Episode 3 with Flems in Hollywood, CA.

2005-05-15 Spring in Arizona

Some pictures from around the house in May, 2005.

2005-04-23 Bacchanal

The annual LPL grad student Bacchanal party was held at Florence House this year.

2005-02-20 Organ Pipe

Gwen and I visit Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument for a rainy weekend.

2005-02-01 Arizona Room Tile

Gwen and I retile the Arizona room (aka the Dog room) with Peruvian Travertine.

2004-12-25 Christmas 2004

Pictures from visiting Oxnard, CA for Christmas.

2004-11-25 Thanksgiving in Boston

Gwen and I celebrate Thanksgiving in Boston at Terra's and Xander's houses.

2004-09-12 Canyonlands Field Trip II

LPL field trip to Canyonlands National Park, including the Moses Milazzo Muffler Mishap.

2004-07-23 Honeymoon

Gwen and I on our honeymoon to Australia. We visit Darwin, northwest Australia, and Sydney.

2004-07-04 My Wedding

I marry Gwen Bart in La Madera Park, Tucson, Arizona.

2004-04-04 West Texas Fieldtrip

Field trip to see Kilbourne Hole and Texas impact structures Sierra Madera and Odessa.

2004-03-28 Removing the Bushes

Yard work removing the bushes from my front yard.

2003-12-23 Christmas in Tucson

A few pictures from Christmas on Florence Drive in Tucson.

2003-09-02 DPS 2003

Pictures from the DPS 2003 meeting in Monterey, CA, and from the drive there as well.

2003-08-28 Husky Containment

New fence, wall, and gate intended to prevent Schamali from jumping over the fences (it failed).

2003-05-05 Chiricahuas Field Trip

LPL field trip to the Chiricahua mountains in SE Arizona.

2003-02-01 2003 Alumni Game

Gwen and I visit California for the 2003 Baseball Alumni game against the varsity -- the alums won 8-2. Also: pathetic Tech Legacy tour.

2003-01-29 Turkey Party

Pictures from a birthday party for Gwen Bart, Terry Hurford, Ross Beyer, David O'Brien, and Zibi Turtle at my house, where we fried up two turkeys using the birthday present I got from my brother.

2002-10-27 Rachel and Ross

Ross Beyer and Rachel Mastrapa marry in Tucson, AZ.

2002-09-27 Washington Field Trip

Field trip to Washington State to visit Mount Saint Helens, the Columbia River Flood Basalts, and the Channeled Scablands.

2002-07-10 Taun We Meeting

Genubi and Schamali meet Gwen's 10 week old puppy Taun We for the second time..

2001-08-19 New Dog II

Genubi's new puppy, a Siberian Husky named Schamali

2001-05-15 White Sands

LPL Field trip to White Sands and southern New Mexico.

2001-04-01 April Fools

April Fools 2001. We turned the atrium of the Kuiper Space Sciences building into Disco Planet and annexed the astronomy department.

2001-03-31 Tucson Flying

Flying around Tucson, our houses, the U of A, and the Boneyard with Ross, Terry, and Gwen in a Cessna 172.

2000-10-17 Death Valley

LPL field trip to Death Valley.

2000-05-20 K/T Boundary Layer

LPL field trip to K/T boundary layer outcrop sites near Raton, New Mexico.