K/T Boundary Layer Field Trip to Raton, New MExico -- day 3
The Spanish peaks, from the back of the Holiday Inn
Terry, looking for the layer in the wrong place
Dave talks about the late Cretaceous global environment
Climging up to the outcrop
Everyone else looking for the layer, again in the wrong place (its below us here).
Dr. Kring, Joe SPitale, and Eric Karkoshka clearing out a ledge to work on so that we don't all fall to our deaths
Joe and Kring dig and search for the layer
our first look at the layer
Andy Rivkin, our resident Guru of entropy
Ross Beyer navigates the precarious ledge
the Layer, with my fingers for scale
ME and the iridium layer!
Terry and our prize sample
We knocked out the rock above the layer because it was pretty easily crumbled (there was coal both above and below the layer in this location). We then carefully extracted specimens
Ingrid and Jani Sampling
Rachel blowing on her section of the layer
Andy and Barb go at their part
Jen tends samples obtained by field trip leader Dave Kring
Adina and JEn gather samples
Screw you, hippie!
Our Precarious Position
Terry shows off our catch.
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